The Team

In 2019 N+1 bike shop will be launching it’s own race team and most importantly, a rider development program, and will be working with a number of partners to help our riders succeed in their chosen areas of cycling.

As keen cyclists and racers ourselves, we have acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years that’s skyrocketed our performances, whether specifically for road racing, cross racing, time trials, or simply to improve as athletes. We are now at a stage where we feel this experience would be a fantastic opportunity for a select few to excel in their chosen disciplines and we plan to coach, support and shape a number of key members of the cycling community to a high standard.

Our model is extremely community spirited and we are investing in athletes primarily, but naturally as they develop and succeed, the team and associated partners will gain recognition and good feeling from the cycling community.

It’s a very open, honest and genuine model that is designed to promote our true passion and excitement for our sport.