I’m a small 23 year old with a serious cycling problem


In one sentence, who are you?

Hi! I’m Llewellyn Thomas – I’m a small 23 year old with a serious cycling problem.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em –

The call to arms came shortly after a monstrous hundred mile tour of the Surrey hills in the late October sunshine. Dan P obviously saw something in me that day, it was either my ability to suffer through successive horrendous climbs or my capacity to consume my body weight in energy gels. Either way he had seen enough and decided to take me under the N+1 LCW wings. Onwards and upwards!

All aboard the gains train, next stop: Power, periodisation, plan.

Having never done any structured training, a power meter was my first port of call. I picked up a set of garmin vector 3’s and went out for several doses of pain administered through various timed tests to get some baseline data. Once I had that I used the wealth of knowledge in the team to think carefully about my goals for the year and develop my training plan. We thought about what would work for me based on time, fitness and previous experience and the plan started to come together. All I had to do now was commit to it and stay motivated through the cold winter months…

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

Keeping myself motivated during the winter is hard. Period. You’re bound to get ill at least once or twice and this would usually cause me serious grief however since having been introduced to Trainingpeaks and a treasure trove of data I can spot periods of heavy fatigue and avoid potential time off the bike. My motivation to ride comes in many forms. First and foremost is the love of cycling, getting outside on my bike keeps me sane and keeps me fit – healthy mind healthy body. Second is my need to prove my success to myself and my teammates.Third is the desire to grow and develop, always looking ahead to the next challenge.

I am strong, I am light

Since training with power I have noticed dramatic, tangible gains across all durations of power output. I’ve (safely) dropped my weight while creeping my power up and worked on my aerobic ability alongside fatigue resistance over the winter months. These small changes combined have yielded me my biggest performance gains to date and have truly skyrocketed my performance. Perhaps even more important is the change in attitude toward my training and the support of my teammates. Being taught how to critically analyse my own training and performance has protected me from over training and kept up the push for continued gains. One of the best parts about our team is the varied experience and knowledge of each member – everyone brings something unique to the table which creates a fantastic buffet of advice and support.

Tomorrow, we conquer the world

Speaking of challenges, the coming season is full of them. Top of the list is getting some crisp cyclist tan lines. Next up is competing in two seperate stage races with the hope of a team top 10 in the GC.More importantly than either of those though is mine and the teams development, mentally, physically and as a community. I aim to develop my racecraft, push my body to the limit and have fun with a great group of lads who I’m lucky enough to call my teammates and my friends.

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