Mud sweat and gears and British XC series round 2

Firstly thank you to everyone at N+1 Lindfield Coffee works team for the ongoing support. Being part of a team where everyone wants to help each other out is a massive part of the sport, and N+1 have got it perfect. 

After a slower start to the season than I would have liked I made a last minute decision to race MSG round at Lee valley. A different course to usual, fully man-made around the Olympic velodrome and bmx track, surrounded by easy London docks. A totally new experience to me, creating a hill and seeing a motorway a couple of meters away.

The course was flat, slightly rocky, open, but narrow. After a good start I had a race long battle for second until the last lap where a gap got created, and I was able to ride home for 2nd place. Happy with how my legs felt after a few heavy days of training prior.

Next up the following weekend was the second round of the British XC series at the Olympic course venue of Hadleigh Park. Another fully man-made course, with some big rock features, and no real let up. You’re either downhill, off rocks or uphill.

Again after a good start and sitting second wheel comfortably for the first quarter of the first lap, I dropped my chain on a rocky uphill section, after a dash of the bike and a remount I found myself outside the top 10 and chasing.

Surprisingly with my bike never doing this before it happened two more times throughout the race, continently all on uphill sections, making the remount nice and uncomfortable.

A race that felt like I was constantly chasing and dismount more than a cross race I ended up in 7th.

Happy with how the body feels, but as we all know, everything including the bike needs to come together on the day.

Next up is southern xc round 2 at chekendon this weekend. I missed the first round due to illness, so hoping to get going in the southern series well with this race.

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