My life moving to England


About 6 months ago I was chilling back home in Auckland, New Zealand wondering what to do with myself. Where was I headed in life? I was a decent cyclist but nothing special. I had a good bunch of friends but was always away from them due to their University commitments. I worked a good job for a television company making highlights packages, but the hours were rough often working 10 pm to 7 am.

I had it all going for me, my family were very supporting, friends were close, but something was missing. I just wasn’t content with myself. I always strive to push myself more than I probably should and be the best possible version of myself. It was only when I sat down with the old man at the start of September that we formulated a rough plan of moving to the UK. So, we make a few calls, figure out if it’s possible and next thing I know I’m on a one-way ticket to the other side of the world.

I really didn’t have anything set in stone, all I knew was where I was staying and that I needed to find work ASAP. Luckily my dad’s good friend from when he was younger was able to get me part-time work for a local charity collecting and delivering furniture. It wasn’t a glamorous job by any stretch of the imagination but seeing how we positively effected so many people through what we did was very rewarding however I still needed to find full time work in order to afford life.

I ended up working at the Charity until Christmas and it was great. Some weeks were busier than others but working here enabled me to be able to get other aspects of my life in order. I didn’t know anyone other than Dan (The creator of our wonderful team) and I only met him through a weeklong trip in 2016. He introduced me to Jack, and I can’t thank them both enough for everything they’ve done for me so far. We got riding together and they welcomed me into their plans of creating this team.

They welcomed me into their friendship groups and now I’m very lucky to say I have a great bunch of mates. Trying to meet new people can be hard, especially in a new country in an unfamiliar city. I met a few people through social media, and we arranged to meet up for coffee’s or go explore the city. We would spend hours talking about ourselves, roaming the lanes of Brighton and I’ve learnt that the people are so welcoming and friendly. I would never have imagined before I came here, I would be swing dancing in some pub down in Brighton making an absolute fool of myself. It was amazing, experiencing all these new things and meeting all these people. I was riding the high.

I also managed to get in a good few hours on the bike as well when time allowed, and I’ve always used cycling as an escape from what’s happening in the so called “real world”. Exploring all the small country lanes and getting lost in some forest with no phone is a great time and I would definitely recommend it. I was getting fitter than ever, making new friends and living my best life. Cycling is special in the fact I can escape to my own little world, the sweat running down my face, the wind through my hair and just being able to stop thinking and enjoy the ride.

The team is essentially reflecting the whole reason I ride a bike. It’s a very close group of people all willing to help each other out in the pursuit of all our individual goals. Dan at N+1 welcomed me with open arms into the community and I can’t wait to repay him for that. I can’t wait to get stuck in with racing for the team and representing all our sponsors on such a great team. We want to show the community how much fun cycling can be and that it’s not all about results. It’s about enjoying the process and growing together as a team.
Through the team I was introduced to my now current work at I-ride. A mate suggested I apply because I of my passion for cycling so that’s exactly what I did. I turned up to my interview in an old classic retro Raleigh Jersey because I had no other way of getting there. It certainly made a statement. A couple weeks passed, and I found out I got the job and would start in the new year. I couldn’t be happier with my current set up. I now work with Jack as well and it’s awesome.

My goals for the season are all very team oriented. I understand for the first bit of my life in Europe I must bunker down and work hard in order to become comfortable. For this reason, I don’t have as much time to train so my goal for the season is to help everyone in the team achieve their goals. I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and experience with regards to racing to everyone so we can all enjoy the season ahead.

Again a special mention to Dan and Jack for both helping me out with so much since I’ve come over here. I wouldn’t be doing as nearly as well as I currently am without their support and help. Sure there are highs and lows but with the support of the team and the community feel to the team I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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